Available Now – Rye ‘n Clover – Teeth, Bones & Knives!

Teeth, Bones & Knives! Buy it Now Online from CD Baby! Download from iTunes Store My new full-length album is now available for mail-order as well as digital download. May 2012 – Finally, I’m releasing my first full length album of original folk banjo music–right here in my hometown Ithaca NY. This album is being released on Bicycle Records and is a tribute to my friends and community that support my music and made this happen. Release show is 8:00pm Friday... Read More


I’m heading back down to SUNY Purchase to play a show. These folks are awesome. Not to mention, I might be able to play w/ Stefan Fink again which would be nice. What else… Stump? Walking in the woods looking for ramps?  Read More

Tour was Awesome!

I just got back from a one week tour down to North Carolina. I played a couple shows in Asheville, a show in Chapel Hill, and then played a bit around the campfire at an Earth First! Regional Rondy. Thanks everyone who made this a successful trip. I was able to bring my new cd, Teeth, Bones & Knives along and managed to sell/give away all of them. Thanks for all the great feedback and what not. I was also able to give my workshop, “Fire Up! Sparking Participation &... Read More

Firestorm Cafe, Asheville, NC

This place has amazing food and a great selection of books/zines and such. Here in Ithaca we’ve got Silent City Distro, but there’s no cafe & community center to speak of. Above the food counter is a big sign declaring no bosses, that this is a worker run space. Pretty damn sweet. I’m looking forward to playing here again and exploring Asheville.    Read More

Warren Wilson College

I”m playing a show with the lovely folks at Warren Wilson College. I don’t have many pics or a flier yet…just rumors. Something about a frack well being pulled out by a giant. Really looking forward to this show. When I was ten or something like that, my parents brought me to WWC for an old-time music gathering. While they were off at a square dance I was sneaking around in the dormitories riding elevators. At one point I was looking for vines to swing on and... Read More

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Internationalist Book

I’m coming back to Chapel Hill! Horray! Last time was in October on tour with Stefan Fink. We had a great time, even got to go on the radio! Internationalist Books is a really cool infoshop/bookstore and I’m really excited to play there again. Thanks Croatan EF! for hosting! Along with a show, I’ll be presenting a workshop about Community Responses to Fracking. I’m currently an organizing/presenter with Shaleshock Action Alliance here in Ithaca. Check out... Read More


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